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Miss Daylene Rio is a dedicated Spanish-language instructor in an adult-education class. She is devoted to teaching her students how to speak perfect Spanish. Excellence is in her DNA as well as a few other choice assets. Most of her students are equally dedicated except for a few incorrigible examples more interested in trying to lay pipe with the teacher than master the language. On this day, one of them is getting some special solo tutoring from Miss Rio.

He unexpectedly grabs Miss Rio's culo (ass) which shocks her momentarily. Then he grabs her grandes tetas hermosas (huge, beautiful tits). That shocks Miss Rio again. But she is not that shocked. Miss Rio could use some action and she knows that Johnny delivers the goods, or so she's heard from the other teachers in the building.

For starters, Daylene gets her giant cantaloupes worshipped, sucked and fucked. She's quickly undressed and discovers that getting screwed by her student's oversized cock on the hard wood of her own desk is actually an educational experience for her. Daylene's had a lot of experience but never in her classroom. It's a good thing the building is empty because all of Miss Rio's screams--as his rod impales her concha (pussy)--would result in students and faculty bursting into the classroom!

Miss Rio forgets to continue her Spanish lesson while she's getting fucked. She could have multi-tasked and kept the Spanish lesson going as she rode him. However, education can wait until they both orgasm and her heavy pechos are dripping with hot sauce.
October 11th, 2017    51 mins    Rating