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The All-Natural
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Danni Ashe » Little Miss Cottontail

Danni looks ready to do the bunny hop, if not serve drinks to the SCORE staff. This was in a group of final SCORE shoots that Danni posed for in September 1998. By this time, life was hopping along for the busy webmistress and media darling. We will always remember the fun, sexy times with Danni and though she has been retired since 2004 and is no longer in the viewfinder of the camera and the news, her images and video are irreversibly burned into the brain cells of every man who worships big-boobed lovelies. Her career took off with SCORE and both matured together, taking separate pathways. A role model to many girls--some dreamers, some more practical--Danni Ashe will be the one key model that thousands of aspiring future stars will continue to copy.
April 4th, 2019   
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