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Desirae » The Sex Manual

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Uh-oh, little Desirae, our tender, fresh princess, has found an old sexual-intercourse manual under the bed she bought at the second-hand furniture store. Who knows how long this filthy book's been hidden there? Looks like it's from the late '70s-before Desirae was even a dirty thought. Who knows how many fucking positions illustrated here the previous owners of this squeaky old bed Miss D. bought, practiced? How much jism and pussy juice was spilled onto this mattress over the years? Just thinking about it gets Desirae's pussy nerve endings firing on all cylinders. So, time to get to work putting the sex manual's instructions into practice! Too bad for Desirae she hasn't got a hard-dicked companion to practice all these steamy fucking poses with. Sometimes, it's tough to be a horny, large-breasted girl all alone, waiting for your velvet snatch to be filled with major meat!
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