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Photos / Joana's Breast Gym Class

Joana Bliss / Joana's Breast Gym Class

Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: 03/13/2019
Photos: 65
It's boob gym time with New Age wonder woman Joana Bliss, so we had to have the place closed off for a few hours or the shoot would never have been finished. Joana goes through her breast workout sets. "Besides my love of yoga, I like to swim, and I play lawn tennis when I have a chance," Joana said. "I like to watch sports sometimes." No one is more of a hang-loose nature girl than Joana. "I love to spend time at the seashore..the forest, and I love plants. I enjoyed visiting the Dominican Republic with such beautiful girls--Valory, Sha, Hitomi and Vanessa. When I see the pictures, I think about them with love. "I do not think of modeling as a job. When you do something with pleasure, you do not think of it as a job or work. The day goes quickly and with the right people, it is even better.".
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