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Videos / The Royal Rack

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Joana Bliss / The Royal Rack

Featuring: Joana Bliss
Date: 10/03/2018
Duration: 11:23 min.
SCORE went back to Europe for more..because Joana is habit-forming and there ain't no cure! SCORE: How big are your breasts now? Joana: I think I am 106 centimeters (42 inches) around, and I buy bras that are 105GG European size.* SCORE: How do you choose your bras? Joana: I have two brands I like: Maria Jo and Prima Donna. I buy them on the Internet. SCORE: Do you sleep in a bra? Joana: No. I sleep naked. But I wear sexy clothes to bed with a man! SCORE: What do you look for in a bra? Joana: The color, the style. I try to find pretty bras, but that is not always easy in my size. SCORE: At what age did your breasts start developing? Joana: Maybe at 13. I was bustier than every girl in my class. SCORE: When did you start being comfortable with your boobs? Joana: Later when the guys were looking at my eyes and not just at my breasts. They used to look just at my breasts.