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Videos / Beauty At The Bar

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Micky Bells / Beauty At The Bar

Featuring: Micky Bells
Date: 10/10/2018
Duration: 16:39 min.
Micky Bells and her lush beauty can never be taken for granted. In this scene, Micky once again shows why she is one of the top big-bust models of not only Europe, but the world. "I have dated a lot of men who like big boobs," said Micky. "But even they say they have never seen boobs as big as mine! I know it may sound funny, but sometimes I forget that my breasts are so big. But then I look around at other women and I see their chest is not as big as mine." Yes, Micky was blessed by the boob fairy. The knowing look on Micky's face always suggests that she knows what breast-men love and she knows that she has what we want, in abundance. "I feel good about my breasts. I think they make me look like a woman and I appreciate them a lot," Micky says. And we're glad she does. Women who have a body like Micky's (and there are not too many of them) should love and appreciate what they have and want to show them to the world.
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