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Natalie Fiore / A Clean Breast

Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: 03/16/2019
Photos: 63
Natalie Fiore. She's bringing busty back! Here's the short story. Natalie Fiore emailed us unexpectedly, asking if we were interested in photographing her again. "Oh, by the way, my tits are bigger," she added. Partly because we love the way Miss Fiore pronounces "Teeetz" and 'Neeeples" and partly because we love Natalie, our photo crew made fast plans to meet her in Europe since, as we've mentioned before, non-American models can no longer pose on American soil. After you check out these fresh photos, we're sure you'll agree that Natalie is looking hotter and healthier than ever! We have not neglected video either so don't turn that channel. A new Natalie video is heading your way! You don't want to miss that baby. Welcome back, Natalie.

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