Valory Irene » Bottom Cleavage and Tan-Lined Tits

Valory Irene - Solo Big Tits photos
"This is the kind of bikini I usually wear to the beach or pool," Valory said, recalling the spectacular--but, in her view, unwearable-in-public places--monokini she has worn in the past. "I think my mother and brother would let me out of the house wearing this." Nonetheless, Valory's FF-cup naturals seem to overwhelm her bikini top, and in a few photos, we're treated to some bottom cleavage. When she takes her top off, her areolae look paler than usual, but that could be the result of her tan lines which are quite dramatic in these photos. She pours tanning oil on her boobs, then rubs it in. "I think I could use some help rubbing it in," Valory says, knowing that thousands of men would gladly step forward to offer their hands-on assistance. "I think this would be something for my new boyfriend to do!".
September 7th, 2018   
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